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Suppliers of precision head lice combs

About Us
LiceComb Engineering designs and supplies precision head lice and detection removal combs to major pharmaceutical companies worldwide

Donald Smith
Donald Smith, managing director of LiceComb Engineering, is an acknowledged authority on head lice products.

Our Commitment
LiceComb Engineering provides an exceptional head lice comb service based on quality, delivery, sector knowledge.

LiceComb Engineering supplies highly-engineered head lice combs manufactured from quality materials, including the same grade steel as used to top the Chrysler building.

LiceComb Engineering understands the head lice product supply process and delivers head lice combs on time, every time.

LiceComb Engineering managing director Donald Smith is an acknowledged head lice authority regularly invited to present on global pediculosis development.

Our Products
LiceComb Engineering designs and delivers high quality precision short pin and long pin metal and plastic head lice combs to leading global pharmaceutical companies among our clients.

Metal pin combs
LiceComb Engineering supply precision short pin and long pin metal head lice detection and removal combs manufactured from top-grade steel.

Plastic detection combs
LiceComb Engineering supplies plastic head lice combs designed for rapid head lice detection and removal which can also be customised for increased brand awareness and sales.

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LiceComb Engineering sponsors and administrated www.pediculosis.com, the world's only specialist pediculosis website.

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Suppliers of precision head lice combs.

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LiceComb Engineering — how our products make a difference
LiceComb Engineering designs and supplies head lice combs with uniform pin gaps for consistent detection and removal.