Out in front for quality

We only supply highly-engineered head lice combs manufactured to the most exacting standards from top quality materials — many of our pins, for example, are made from the same grade steel as used to top New York's Chrysler Building — and we meet the toughest performance benchmarks without ever compromising value.

Our customers tell us that we consistently out-perform our competitors on quality and value — something we achieve through an innovative approach to lice comb manufacturing we have continually refined over the past 25+ years.

Accreditation to ISO 9001:2008, the internationally-recognised standard for Quality Management Systems, provides independent verification of our customer focus —  providing  excellent quality on time, every time.  

LiceComb Engineering is also a registered FDA lice comb supplier in the USA.

The LiceComb Engineering commitment to quality right across all areas of our operations means you will always get a superior pediculosis product that

  • Does the job it's designed to do
  • Is easy and comfortable for your customers to use
  • Is reliable and delivers consistent, cost-effective results.


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‘We never had a bad experience; we never had a customer complaint’