Our metal pin lice combs

Head lice attach their eggs to the hair with a material similar to superglue, and this makes it essential to use a sturdy metal pin comb to remove not just the lice but also their eggs.

Tests have confirmed that LiceComb Engineering's range of short and long pin combs — all precision manufactured with top-grade steel — consistently deliver superior results for removal and ease of use.

Short pin combs


Our short pin metal comb has carefully calibrated pin gaps to ensure the complete removal of head lice and eggs. The sturdy metal pins do not spread whilst being used so ensuring consistent results. The LiceComb Engineering short pin metal comb is available in a range of shapes and can be customised to help build brand awareness and sales.
Most suitable for removing

  • head lice
  • active eggs

Long pin combs


The LiceComb Engineering long pin metal comb design delivers exceptional results. The gaps between the pins are consistent and very small, leaving no space for lice, eggs or nits (empty egg shells) to escape. Most suitable for removing

  • head lice
  • active eggs
  • nits